Monday, 30 December 2013

Ups and Downs of the Yule Tide

The KFB was completed about two weeks before Christmas and - as you can see from the picture of Alan finishing the roof - stood over 1.5 metres above the water line at that time.

With about ten days to go to Christmas, the KFB was still standing proud and we thought our only concerns would be regarding how easily a predator such as Mink might be able to reach the nesting chambers.

Kingfisher activity around the KFB showed no signs of diminishing as these super pictures taken by Neil Schofield show.

Neil's observations revealed that fishing around the KFB area was proving successful for our resident birds.

Then came the three days of storms and by Christmas Day, the Great Ouse had burst it's banks and flowed into the main lake. The water flowed right through our lake and crossed the fields into the adjacent fishing club lake.

Our concern now was should we re-christen the KFB as PNB (Pike Nesting Bank).

Four days after Christmas and the water level has fallen by around 2 feet - we now have a CLB (Cormorant Loafing Bank)

Or possibly CFB (Cormorant Fighting Bank)

As I write the rain has been falling most of the morning and the forecast is wet for the week ahead. I fear our multi-purpose bank may see many more ups and downs before the spring.


  1. Banks, eh? Water levels, like interest rates, can go up or down.
    Presumably the artificial nest site is no worse off than a purely natural one by said river?

    1. Well as the Slartibartfast of rivers appears to have overlooked the use of concrete blocks and cement as his bank material of choice - we would hope our KFB is considerably more resilient than a natural bank and much less likely to wash away completely.

      We have incorporated drainage into the bank so, long term, a good soaking shouldn't be too much of a problem providing that by Spring (when our boys and girls want to set up home) the water is at least a few feet below the nest chambers.

  2. Off topic - well, maybe not, as the KFB is a wonderful example of where the monies go....
    Thanks, all you visitors who came yesterday on Work Party Sunday to hear about Proposed Building Plans round and about us. Your generous contributions for tea and coffee have, as it were, been deposited in the Kingfisher Bank....