Tuesday, 18 March 2014

WEBs Count - Open Sunday 16th March

During his count at HESC last Sunday Andy Harding recorded the following species:

G.C.Grebe                             13
Little Grebe                             3
Cormorant                             14
Grey Heron                             8
Little Egret                              6
Mute Swan                             6
Greylag Goose                     35
Canada Goose                     34
Egyptian Goose                      2
Wigeon                                102
Gadwall                                  6
Mallard                                   5
Teal                                      21
Shoveler                                 8
Tufted Duck                          59
Coot                                        8
Moorhen                                 3
Oystercatcher                         6
Kingfisher                               1


Other sightings

Willow Tit                               1
Chiffchaff                               3 singing

Andy's comments........
Also of interest...HESC provided an unusually high proportion of the wildfowl/wetland birds count for the whole complex, with very little elsewhere.  

The Reserve is clearly a crucial component in the Linford Complex.
GC Grebe photo by Tony B

Saturday, 8 March 2014

The Bank That Likes to Say Yes

This last week has seen the KFB (Kingfisher Bank) put to use by two more species that were not on our original radar.

As the flood levels started to drop the muddy area around the bank had obviously become a good holding spot for fish and a number of Little Egrets were gathered around it.

Ay Up - What's he caught

As I watched one caught a sizable Perch and was forced to make a swift getaway in order to prevent the others snaffling his catch.

They're not having my fish supper

Then yesterday during a glorious early spring afternoon, I spotted a black and white bird snuggled down on the gravel roof of the bank.

It seems we also have an OCB - Oystercatcher Bank.

I suspect the Oystercatcher was only resting up - but - on the other hand it does look a bit like it might fancy the spot as a potential brood site.

We certainly seem to be getting full value for all the hard work and effort.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Here I am again, gently reminding you.....

....that Nicholas Watts, multi award-winner for  nature conservation work on his farm, will be coming to talk at HESC on Wednesday 12th March.

For more details, see my previous blog from 1Oth February......

I've now reserved places for a number of people who responded to the email that was recently sent to our FoHESC members.

Not a Permit Holder and FoHESC member yet?

If you'd like to reserve a place, email  michelewelborn@homecall.co.uk 
Let me know if you need directions to HESC.

The Centre will open at 7pm. If you don't make a reservation, please arrive early to ensure a place.
And if you do make a reservation, please arrive early if possible so that we don't let your place go to someone else, as there might be......

.......a rush!

Looking forward to seeing you next week,