Thursday, 23 January 2014

January WEBs Count

Apologies for not letting people know in time, that Andy Harding (County Bird Recorder) was doing his official monthly wildfowl count at HESC last Sunday. Although, I know that a few of you who had come to the Open Sunday, managed to meet up with him and enjoy his company, wisdom and wit (not to mention he does seem to be very good at spotting and identifying birds !)
Anyway, the good news is, Andy will be back next month on our Open Sunday - 16th February 10am start - to do another count at HESC and would be delighted if members of the Friends Group would like to join him and help in the process.
I can say from personal experience that you will find it a very interesting and rewarding experience - and - don't worry if your ID skills are still developing (that's pretty much all of us) it's  a great opportunity learn some tips and hints on how to identify water birds, in a very friendly environment.
The HESC wildfowl counts for 19th January were...

G.C. Grebe              4
Little Grebe          2
Cormorant         3
Heron                 3
Little Egret         2
Mute Swan       22
Greylag Goose       4
Canada Goose       6
Egyptian Goose     2
Wigeon             313
Mallard                     2
Pintail                     2 ( male and female)
Teal                        9
Shoveler                 2
Gadwall               30
Pochard                6
Tufted                   83
Coot                      18
Lapwing            350 over on a couple of occasions

Andy's Note
Due to the flooded conditions and the muddy water quality, species numbers were very different from other months. I neither heard nor saw a Moorhen within both HESC and the whole complex from Dovecote to Bradwell !