Monday, 9 March 2020

Best Laid Plans

Following a not too successful inaugural year for the new Sand Martin Nest Bank - we did get some harvest mice in a few nest chambers - a group of FoLLNR volunteers have just carried out some improvements for the 2020 season. 

No we haven't started a "Paragliding section" - waterproof membrane being moved into location

A waterproof membrane has been fitted across the roof and to create a more natural finish turf has been laid on top to help the "Sandbank" blend into the surroundings.

Turfing the "Sandbank"

Some of he reeds in front of the nest bank have also been trimmed to ease access by our feathered friends. A little more trimming may take place when water levels have dropped although we intend to leave some reeds to keep things as natural as possible.

And whilst all the work was going on we had an overhead observer keeping an eye on proceedings