Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Saving Linford Lakes

If you have or are thinking about writing in objection to the proposed development at Linford Lakes then a massive THANK YOU.

If you are not sure or wonder if it will really do any good, then please gird up your loins (what on earth does that mean?) and have a go.

Predatory developers and ill-informed planners rely on apathy to get away with - what to some wild life - will literally be murder.

We have tried to help by adding the new tag to the top of this blog - Fighting Development at Linford Lakes -  just click on it and you will find some suggested letters you can cut and paste or alter to suit your own points of view.

Please also do email your local councillors and ask them to support your objection - their e mail addresses can be found on the MK Council website

you may be surprised how helpful some of them can be.

You can either lodge your objections to the new planning applications by e mail to 
or via the Council website

Please put your name and address on any letter or correspondence otherwise it may not be accepted.

Kindest regards