Monday, 29 January 2018

2018 Species List Up and Running

Our 2018 list has got off to a cracking start thanks to Martin Kincaid who since the start of the new year has managed to spot not only a Short-eared Owl, but also the much rarer Long-eared Owl as well as our now regular winter visitor the Bittern.

Please do keep an eye on our annual species list and if we have missed something please let us know - I tend to update it about twice a month.

Our first Open Sunday of the year was blessed with foul weather including snow, rain and freezing temperatures. Despite the weather many of you braved the elements to enjoy the hospitality in the Centre Building and a few lucky souls witnessed a Weasel catching it's lunch in the front garden and a Bank Vole turn from Ice Skater to Swimmer, as it attempted to cross the pond outside the back window.

Thanks to all of you who attended the January Quiz Night. Everyone I spoke to seemed to have really enjoyed the event and special thanks must go to Keith and Jane for such an excellent job in organising the quiz and the fish and chip supper.