Useful Links

Below we have posted a number of links you may find useful. Please let us know if you find an excellent source of information that the Friends Group might find useful.

FoHESC Images - Our Flickr Site

Milton Keyne Natural History Society

Milton Keynes Green Gym

RSPB - Bird Identification

British Dragon Fly Society Milton Keynes Nat History Society

Natural History Museum – Amateur Entomologists’ Society – Open University site for nature  - identification of Butterflies of the UK  - identification of Butterflies of the UK – the site for moth identification – 2172 species! – identification of Hemiptera (true bugs!) of the UK – all things invertebrate – identification of Reptiles and Amphibians of the UK – identification of mammals of the UK – a huge pictorial database of UK Fungi – amazing collection of dragonfly & damselfly identification photographs and narrative – very impressive site for identification of nearly 4000 species – see galleries list on right hand site of web page – for anyone interested in UK wildlife

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