Friday, 6 December 2013

Our Patron Coughs Up Towards KFB
(Well on it actually)

As they say on the TV, those of you of a delicate or squeamish disposition may wish to look away now..... OK, for the rest here we go.

On Wednesday afternoon, Macro Bob (no, not a  new form of twerking, but he of the super photo presentation) asked, if he could have a look at last Sunday's work on the KFB. Despite the perils of the mud, I agreed, and we carefully picked our way down to the site.

Whilst I was pointing out the excellent tiled patio roof, that Neil and Dave had constructed, Bob noticed there was a fair amount of white bird poo in one corner.

"Do you think that's from a Kingfisher?" he asked.
"Well it could be from any bird" I rather pessimistically replied. "But hang on, what's this?"

I had found, sitting on the corner of the KFB, a small white pellet consisting of dried fish scales and small fish bones.

The Pellet was extremely dry and fragile and fell apart as soon as I picked it up -
probably one of the reasons you normally never see them,
plus of course they usually fall in water.

I am sure that most of you will be aware, that along with Owls and Birds of Prey, our little friend the Kingfisher, also has a need to dispose of the indigestible elements of it's dinner, by regurgitating them in the form of a small pellet, and that is what I had found.

When I got home, I thought I might do a little research on the subject and came across these pictures by Andrew Adams. I contacted Andrew, and he very willingly gave permission for us to feature his stunning photographs, which graphically capture a Kingfisher ejecting a pellet.

She appears to have a tickle in her throat

Ah, What's This?

Nearly out

That's better

If the discovery of the pellet was not enough to confirm acceptance of the KFB as the place for a discerning Kingfisher to be seen. This afternoon, I again witnessed our girl (you can tell the ladies as they have a light coloured bottom half to their bill) sitting on the KFB and on the branches that we pushed into the mud close by.

My only concern now, is they think we have built them a bistro, rather than a maternity home!

Kingfisher photographs courtesy of and copyright Andrew Adams
Pellet by Bob Furness

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  1. Wow! Amazing news! Keep up (or should that be 'keep down') the good work.