Monday, 2 December 2013

KFB Gets Shipshape
(Although It's Not Always Plain Sailing)

I though I might use this post as an opportunity to look back over some of the events of the last month, as well as an update on progress on the KFB.

Firstly a big thank you to everyone who turned out on a pretty drab day to make this November's Open Sunday such a well-attended, successful and enjoyable day.

The bonhomie which seems to pervade FoHESC events, was again very evident, when we held our first photography group evening proper on the 20th November.

The budding macro-photographers gather for Bob's presentation

The session was hosted by FoHESC member and keen photographer Bob Furness and covered the subject of macro-photography. Bob gave an informative and enjoyable presentation which covered a little theory, plenty of useful tips and Bob's own take on and attitude to, this fascinating art. The presentation was illustrated with many of Bob's excellent photo's and was very well received by the thirty plus attendees. Our next photography group evening will be on 22nd January and will be an illustrated presentation on wildlife photography, by Chris Ward from the local RSPB Group.

A Bridge Too Wet - The route to the bund is rescued

Those of you who have been getting hands-on in the building of our Kingfisher bank project, will appreciate that getting materials to the building site has been more and more challenging, as the month has gone on. Firstly the bridge connecting the bund to the shore started to sink below the rising lake and needed recovering to the more traditional position - i.e. above the water. Then the mud on the bund became thicker, wetter and generally more yucky and made the use of wheelbarrows very difficult.

The offer from Martin Kincaid of the loan of a Parks Trust boat, to help transport material from the overflow car park to the KFB site, was therefore, received with delight if perhaps also a little trepidation.

Loading sand and gravel into sacks prior to shipment

As it turned out the boat became boats and after a few minor teething issues we were soon ferrying sand, gravel and tiles out to the bund.

The time honoured method of transporting goods by water is resurrected at HESC

The weather was - for the first day of December - unbeatable and our plucky crew cut quite a dash as they crossed an azure lake under matching blue skies. Boatiful.

Off loading at the KFB Docks
The KFB is filled to the top with sand

With a more reliable supply of materials the construction team were able to complete the filling of the main shell with sand and then lay a patio-style tiled roof to help keep the whole structure water-proof.

This is not just any KFB - This a FoHESC KFB and quality is our watchword

The tile roof has been laid with over-hanging edges to
provide a little more security from predators

The last part of the plan is to put a retaining row of single bricks around the edge of the top of the tiled roof and infill with gravel to finish the job.

If you check-out our Flickr site (FoHESC Images), you will see that Neil Schofield has captured some excellent shots of kingfishers around the KFB area, and once again one of the little chaps can be seen sitting on the bank itself.

Fingers crossed folks.

Photographs by Malcolm Stewart and Tony Bedford

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