Tuesday, 18 March 2014

WEBs Count - Open Sunday 16th March

During his count at HESC last Sunday Andy Harding recorded the following species:

G.C.Grebe                             13
Little Grebe                             3
Cormorant                             14
Grey Heron                             8
Little Egret                              6
Mute Swan                             6
Greylag Goose                     35
Canada Goose                     34
Egyptian Goose                      2
Wigeon                                102
Gadwall                                  6
Mallard                                   5
Teal                                      21
Shoveler                                 8
Tufted Duck                          59
Coot                                        8
Moorhen                                 3
Oystercatcher                         6
Kingfisher                               1


Other sightings

Willow Tit                               1
Chiffchaff                               3 singing

Andy's comments........
Also of interest...HESC provided an unusually high proportion of the wildfowl/wetland birds count for the whole complex, with very little elsewhere.  

The Reserve is clearly a crucial component in the Linford Complex.
GC Grebe photo by Tony B

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  1. Just the 1 Kingfisher? Aren't you going to need 2 for the KFB? Or is this some kind of welfare-based single parent initiative? Oh, and if you want any more Oycs, you just have to ask :o)