Thursday, 6 March 2014

Here I am again, gently reminding you.....

....that Nicholas Watts, multi award-winner for  nature conservation work on his farm, will be coming to talk at HESC on Wednesday 12th March.

For more details, see my previous blog from 1Oth February......

I've now reserved places for a number of people who responded to the email that was recently sent to our FoHESC members.

Not a Permit Holder and FoHESC member yet?

If you'd like to reserve a place, email 
Let me know if you need directions to HESC.

The Centre will open at 7pm. If you don't make a reservation, please arrive early to ensure a place.
And if you do make a reservation, please arrive early if possible so that we don't let your place go to someone else, as there might be......

.......a rush!

Looking forward to seeing you next week,


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