Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Friends Enjoy Cake but Kingfisher Takes the Biscuit
(Open Sunday 20/10/13)

The mixture of mild but intermittently soggy weather didn't seem to deter our visitors last Sunday including a few who were seeing HESC for the first time.

Wildlife it seems is all well and good, but when the heavens open for - thankfully not too long - bursts of showers, the combination of a cuppa and a piece of freshly home-baked cake proves an irresistible combination.

Our berries may be Guelder-rose rather than Mary and our Wood, Woody-nightshade, rather than Hollywood, but the FoHESC bakers certainly took all the plaudits this week.

Mary Berry - No - Rose Hips

Berries by the way are not just plentiful at HESC this Autumn, but across most of the UK, with 2013 being declared a mast year. So expect to see flocks of fieldfare and redwing plundering the trees and bushes any day now.

During a gap in the afternoon rain, a few brave souls took the opportunity to clear a bit more vegetation around the far hide and open up the views to the right, looking back towards the bund.

We also delivered some more materials down to the King Fisher Bank (KFB) construction site. Thanks to great work by Neil and his team the KFB is coming on apace and the block retaining walls have now been started.

Talking about the KFB, you may remember from our last post, that I was being extremely cautious regarding the possibility of take-up by out little feathered friends. You could therefore have knocked me down with a small blue feather when Neil showed me this picture taken by Peter Barnes.

This potential new home owner is considering
putting a deposit on an off-plan development
No, its not a trick photo and yes, that really is a kingfisher sitting on the footings of the KFB - I can only hope its a good omen. If nothing else it suggest we got the location correct.