Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Ponds Face Wash - Sunday 7th April

I have been asked to pass on a big thank you from the Council Staff, to everyone in the Friends Group who helped in the refurbishment of the raised pond in front of the Centre Car park last Sunday. Once established this pond will provide an extra educational facility for school visits when studying water invertebrates and other "mini-beasties".

Our sociable Secretary commenced proceedings by breaking the ice - literally!

Then our chirpy chippies constructed a more tasteful edging to the pond.

Customised planters provided a bed for reeds and other aquatic plants relocated from on site.

Job done - now we just need some decent growing weather and a few flighty damsels and dragons to help populate the pond.

No Alans, Tommies or Charlies but a pretty successful groundforce nonetheless.

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  1. It does look spiffing. Well done to all the team. Once the Ode flight season kicks off, I'm sure it will be an absolute dragon magnet. Yay!