Monday, 22 April 2013

Life Through a Lens
Sunday 21st April

Thankfully the fine weather continued throughout the weekend and resulted in yet another very good turnout for this months open Sunday. It was also very pleasing to see yet more new faces and I guess this reflects the fact that the Friends Group membership is now approaching 130.

Many of the groups walking the reserve were enjoying our new spring arrivals with Blackcaps, Chiffchaffs and Willow Warblers all in good voice. There were several debates concerning the ways to distinguish the difference between Chiffs and Willows and the Chairman helped the debate by confidently changing his mind with unerring regularity.

Black legs must be Chiffchaff, but in another picture they look pink 
and does that eye stripe make it a Willow Warbler? 
Oh why doesn't it just, sing then we can be sure.

Also heard, but as is often the case, not seen, was a Grasshopper Warbler which has arrived over the last few days. The Egyptian Geese could still be spotted amongst the sheep, which have invaded the far side of the reserve and visitors also recorded a Greenshank and a Gargany on the bund.

Comma Butterfly taking the Sunday sun - one of the 
first we have seen at HESC this year.

In front of the Centre, Malcolm had set up a number of microscopes with which to view various mini-beasties collected from the ponds. A Stickleback and Stone Loach also received close scrutiny from some of our young (and not so young) visitors along with various larvae, water beetles and pond skaters.

Visitors of all ages enjoyed seeing a little pond life under the microscope

As always thank you to everyone who bought teas, coffees, books or birdseed. These purchases help us raise money, which all goes back into the reserve in repairs, maintenance and improvements and keeping the feeders topped up. 

The Frogs and Toads were a little harder to spot than of recent days, 
but the ponds contained many large masses of spawn

If you would like to find out our plans for future projects please do come along to the AGM on the 15th May (click on projects and forthcoming events for more details).

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