Saturday, 19 January 2013

Urgent weather update for 20/01/13

Copied from a FoHESC gmail sent to all group members today, Saturday 19th January 2013...

Dear All,

Please take note of the following warnings and information if you are intending to visit the nature reserve for the FoHESC Open Sunday on 20th January 2013.

Be aware that the single track road is not treated with grit or salt along its length from the main road to Hanson Environmental Study Centre and therefore should only be used with an appropriate level of caution. This road is currently covered with snow and ice, the temperature is not forecast to rise above freezing during the weekend and more snow is likely tomorrow morning.

Due to the prevailing weather conditions, suitable outdoor clothing, including footwear, is essential, and care should be taken on paths within the reserve.

The Centre will be open for refreshments and facilities between 10am and 1pm only.

Your attention is drawn to point 5 on the rear of the current visitor permit. Should you be unable to find this, the quote in full reads:

"Milton Keynes Council accepts no liability for any loss, injury or damage caused in any way whatsoever to persons or property during the use of this permit."

Please remember that you visit the site at your own risk and are responsible for your own safety.

That said, if you have been tempted by watching BBC Winterwatch this week and would like to walk to the reserve to see what wildlife is about, then you can be sure of a warm welcome and a hot cup of tea or coffee.



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