Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Sunday January 20th

Following the snowfall it was decided to open the Centre for a shorter period than normal, however, hot drinks, nibbles and warm wildlife viewing were still available for the brave and hardy souls who wanted to witness the reserve in her winter pelage (courtesy C Packham) first hand. So apologies to anyone who visited in the afternoon and found us closed, and, well done and thank you to our earlier visitors.

Probably the best spot of the day goes to the three male Goosander who found a patch of open water to share with our usual collection of water birds. Sadly our brave and intrepid photographer was neither brave or intrepid enough to go back out to try and capture some distant pictures of the Goosander Three, so instead, please find a few pictures that give a flavour of the reserve on Sunday.

Familiar paths took on new magical qualities and places to play identify the animal track.

Robins appeared at every turn begging for a little food

and Dunnocks turned themselves into feather balls to keep warm

Entrance to Santa Grotto?

Pheasant crossing the frozen pond to raid seed from the woodland feeders

Mrs Chaffinch samples the seed sorbet

and lastly our perennial favourite, the Willow Tit found time between 
sorties to the feeding tables, to pose superbly.

All photographs © Tony Bedford


  1. Unlike the FoHESC tea shop, there's no 't' in 'pelage'.

    It's no more pedantic than Mr Packham would be, so no need to thank me :o)

  2. Peltage - "The after effect of being pelted with snowballs" - source Wikitonia.

    So there smarty pants.

  3. Huh! I just KNEW I'd miss out on a brilliant winter wonder wander. Oh well, never mind - the Stony Stratford Reserve has been birdily bountiful (inc Water Rail)and my tiny garden has proved to be a little snowy diamond in what it's attracting at the moment....
    Please will you update on here re the HESC Reserve's accessiblity for those of us who don't live within walking distance?? Ta.

    M :)