Monday, 6 May 2019

Building the "Sand Castle"

We thought you might like to see the pictorial story of how our newly completed Sand Martin Nesting Bank came to fruition.

November 2018 and work starts with the digging out of the foundations

December sees the preparation of the ground ready for sinking the support posts

The new year and construction gets underway in earnest

February and the posts are in and the walls start to take shape

March, the start of Spring and the arrival of the nesting chambers on site

Mid-March and the access area takes shape and the first of the nesting chambers are installed

The roof is fitted and more nest chambers are put in place

As March progresses the nest box access tubes are cemented into place 

Early April and the access tubes are completed.....

and inside the addresses are all numbered

Mid-April and the job is completed with an external coating.

Open for Business

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