Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Bridge Partners

Those of you who have visited the woodland hide over the last month will, I am sure, have noticed the magnificent structure, that is the new maintenance access bridge over the stream.

Many, many, thanks and congratulations are due to all those involved in it's construction and installation - but a special mention must go to chief designer Neil Studman and his very able erection team stalwarts Simon Bunker and Martin Kinkaid.

Any dangers of a certain Chair Person getting his hands dirty were quickly averted by

a) The hangover following his 60th Birthday celebrations and
b) The other members of the crew refusing to let him anywhere near proceedings

The two halves of the bridge had been pre-constructed so the first job was to drive in new support posts either side of the old plank bridge.

There was to be no lying down on this job

 and anyone found slacking was made to walk the plank.

Once the new supports were in place the first of the two parts of the bridge was manoeuvred into place.

Then the second section was positioned in place

Finally it was time to plank the walk.

Please can we ask that members refrain from crossing the bridge unless involved in an authorised work activity.

In truth there is very little to be seen on the other side and constant activity will deter the mammals and birds that can be seen in the area and disrupt the enjoyment of anyone visiting the woodland hide. There will I am sure be ample opportunity for those interested to make visits across the bridge during work parties and other organised activities.

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