Thursday, 9 October 2014

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

Around this time of year crops are harvested and meadows are cut. For those former residents of arable fields and grasslands who have been lucky enough to escape the whirling blades it is time to move home.

It is not unusual therefore, during early Autumn, for mini invasions of resourceful little rodents to relocate into more human habitats - the Hanson Centre Building has proved no exception.

Staff first noticed the tiny calling cards of our new visitors a few weeks ago and as much as they enjoy being close to nature there are of course limits. One thing was sure however, if at all possible, the removal process should be painless for all concerned.

Having had a modicum of success using the Longworth traps (a humane trap for catching and releasing small mammals unharmed) earlier this year, I volunteered to help.

Over the course of a week I set traps at various points around the centre building each evening and checked them first thing the next morning. Bait was a combination of bird seed and a fresh piece of apple to ensure there was a supply of moisture readily available.

Anyone seen Kirsty and Phil?

Over the week I caught 7 wood mice all of which were taken a good way from the Centre before being released into the wild. I am pleased to report all appeared very healthy and full of beans (well seed I suppose) when released.

I carried on trapping until I had a completely blank couple of nights which suggested that for now evictions are complete - although I am sure we may need to periodically repeat the exercise.


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