Thursday, 17 April 2014

Cootish Aggression Forces Garganey to Relocate

I fear that the pair of Garganey that have been skulking in the reeds between the bund and the near hide for around three weeks now, may have been forced to relocate to a more peaceful neighbourhood by the aggressive HESC Coots.

The female leads the way, as they retreat from another Cooting

In the last two days I have managed to get to the reserve in the afternoons and have witnessed repeated attacks by the Coots on both the male and female Garganey.

I assume the Coots are in a heightened state of territorial aggression at this time of year, but I was amazed at how they constantly sought the Garganey out, no matter where they went on the lake to avoid them.

The Drakes feathers were well and truly ruffled

I even tried Googling - "Why Do Coots Hate Garganeys" - but it seems my request was a little on the unusual side for the great www.

Around 5pm the Garg's had had enough and after yet another charge by a loony coot, took off and headed North away from the reserve.


As You Were............

My ability to read Garganey body language appears to be no better than my attempts to understand Coot psyche. 

Despite the apparent finality with which our loving couple took to the air and disappeared over the horizon last night, this morning (19/4/14)  they were back on the reserve and hanging around the same reed beds.

 Going, going ............back

As on previous days they were severely harassed by a couple of Coot, but for the time being they seem to want to make HESC their home.

Pictures and general ramblings byTony B

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