Monday, 4 March 2013

Working Party Sunday 3rd March

Another good turn-out enabled us to split into three groups each tackling a different project.

All sorts of creatures were found in the pond!

The water babies drained the raised pond at the front of the centre and started to prepare it for planting. As the water level fell the volunteers kept a sharp watch for any creatures that needed rescuing and relocating to a safe environment - although we hope once we have planted out the pond and refilled it, they may wish to move back to their former home.

A Diving Beetle prior to moving house

If possible we may continue this project during the next Open Sunday (17th March) in order that the pond is in full working order for the Spring.

The fast food team assembled and erected a multi-feeder station at the rear of the centre, which we anticipate should bring a good selection of our feathered friends within easy viewing distance of the back windows.

Do you want to go large with that?

The back woods boys and girls (no I didn't mean backwards) started work on our new main lake viewing point, by clearing the small trees and scrub, in readiness for the Council to remove the large trees and trees on the edge of the reed margins (unfortunately this cannot be done until the water level falls a little further).

A view begins to appear

Once the Council have completed the removal of these trees, we will fit a three sided viewing screen around the existing hard standing, which should hopefully, provide a very interesting new perspective on the lake.

The FoHESC Team were not the only ones engaged
in building projects on Sunday

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