Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Sunday Working Party 02/12/12

Sundays plan was to remove as much of the rubble pile as possible, by using it to further develop the hibernaculum that we built in the summer. Then, to use the remaining material, to build another winter shelter for invertebrates and other small creatures, behind the fence, on the other side of the path, close to the rubble.

The day was cold and bright, in fact the night had been so cold, that we needed to take a mattock to the top crust of the rubble, in order to break it up ready for transporting. While this was going on, some corrugated iron which had been rescued from the bund (yes once upon a time you could actually get on the thing) was placed on the original hibernaculum in order to provide a waterproof membrane. This was then covered with more rubble and soil which will finally be topped off with grass and perhaps a few logs.
The revised original hibernaculum starts to take shape
As we started to work our way into the heart of the rubble we encountered a couple of small smooth newts, which were rescued and re-billeted in the new winter home. Then as more material was taken for starting the second hibernaculum, we uncovered a small community of voles. With care the nest site was recovered and it was agreed, that for the time being, we would form a pathway through the rubble but leave the rest of it in place, so that, whatever had decided to set up home for the winter, could remain in peace.
Access restored, but habitat left intact for this winter

Despite the disruption to the plan, sufficient material was moved to create a very usable second hibernation site. Which based on what we have seen a pile of dumped rubble can house, should provide a home for any creatures not yet laid up for this winter and certainly a place of safety for coming winters.
Hibernaculum 2 takes shape
As well as the work on the hibernacula, our ace bench building team (the now infamous Betty and Barney), converted the pretty useless bum rest in the near paddock behind the centre, into a fully operational bench.
Looks like the new bench is a good place for a yarn or two!
As always a good time was enjoyed by all and some really useful projects completed.

Thank you to everyone who turned out and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Please remember the last open Sunday for this year is on December 16th, we hope to see you there (see Events and Projects tag for more details).

PS Thanks to Malcolm Stewart for providing the photos.

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  1. 's funny. When you say it, it does sound more of a coherent plan :o)