Monday, 23 July 2012

On the Boardwalk

As I passed the boardwalk today (near the bench) I noticed a young bird spreadeagled on the boards. To be more accurate, I think it was spreadchiffchaff, as that is what I deduced it was from its rather scruffy plumage, and I think a fairly newly fledged example at that.

At first I thought it was just sunning itself as I have often seen birds lying on the ground or a flat surface with their wings spread out on hot sunny days. Then I noticed it looked particularly bedraggled and thought it may have been attacked, injured or even dying. As if to prove me wrong the little fella,who must have spotted me, jumped up, hopped onto the side of the boardwalk, uttered a fairly tuneless tweet and then fluttered up into the bushes.

Having now studied the photos I took at the time, I have come to the conclusion that the poor little thing looked quite wet and I am wondering if its early excursions into flight may have resulted in ditching in the briney (well one of the small ponds), from which it has managed to flutter out and was in fact drying itself in the sunshine. Anyway good luck to the little chap and he had better not try repeating the feat when he heads south in a month or so.

Talking of boardwalk encounters, my habit of trying to walk as quietly as I can when I approach junctions or corners on the reserve and listening for animal activity at every opportunity paid dividends yesterday when I was able to walk up on this male Muntjac.

Not perhaps the closest encounter I have had, but a good photo opportunity nonetheless.


  1. Muntjac would make good Klingons, I've always thought. Especially if they were about four times as large.

  2. At the risk of upsetting those of a delicate nature - klingons 4 times the size of a muntjac are going to require an awful lot of Andrex.