Monday, 28 May 2012

Dewy-eyed over damsels

Story of my life, I guess. But enough about me, let's have some natural history.

Early Saturday morning, the air was quite still, the sun was shining and who could resist a visit to the reserve?

The car park already had a space occupied at 6am. Those moth enthusiasts must never sleep!

Wandering along, staring into the damp grass, many a roosting damselfly could be seen.

Azure Damselfly
In fact, there were damsels everywhere. Dragons were thin on the ground, but here's one that got away...

Exuvia of a Hairy Dragonfly
In the Centre garden, a riverine species, normally, was sunning itself on a leaf.

Male Banded Demoiselle
And along the boardwalk, a male Red-eyed Damselfly was enjoying breakfast...

But the highlight of the morning was watching the emergence of a Four-spotted Chaser dragonfly. A sequence of photographs showing this event can be seen here.

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