Wednesday, 28 March 2012

New season, new blog and... news

Welcome to the Friends of Hanson Environmental Study Centre blog.

Here, we hope to have updates of interesting sightings on the reserve, information about FoHESC (or other) events and any news regarding the future of the site.

The recent spell of warm weather certainly increased visitor numbers, with plenty of Chiffchaffs calling and the odd Blackcap bursting into song. In fact, the whole chorus is building up nicely, with the native songsters taking the opportunity to monopolise the airwaves before those part timers arrive from Africa. With the arrival of the bird breeding season, photographers are throwing caution, and their morals, to the wind and indulging in a bit of pornithology. Apologies if that's ruffled a few feathers.

Gorse and Blackthorn are blossoming. Primrose, Shepherd's Purse, Ground Ivy, Cowslip and Lesser Celandine are all in flower.

Ranunculus ficaria
Oh, and apparently there's a Bank Vole somewhere near the Woodland Hide?

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